Sunday, August 26, 2012

What's Your Basis for Justice?

Question:  What do you get when you cross one theological nerd who spends hours tweaking his keynote lecture presentations with another theological nerd who spent 8 years as a d.j., creating radio commercials?

Give up?

That's how nerds roll. Have a look. 
- The Ellises


  1. It's amazing how every time the subjects of justice and human dignity come up, you have to refer to a universal Creator God. It's built into our minds - even the logical thinking that we have.
    I've passed this on, and hope to use it over the next few months!

  2. One more thing - I love theological nerds!


  3. Wow! Well done! In the middle of all the confusing voices, this makes the case that Christopher Hitchens was wrong. Further, history does bear out that when a people are convinced religion is the opium of the people, something for real becomes that opium and it is fatal - across cultural and racial lines. Keep it up my brother and sister!